Microblading FAQ’s

What is microblading?
Eyebrow Microblading is a cosmetic procedure designed to blend, thicken, and enhance your natural eyebrows by delivering semi-permanent pigments into the skin, using sterile and disposable microblades.

How long does microblading last?
Microblading will generally last between 12 to 18 months. Although, touch-ups are recommended within that time frame.
Premature fading may occur with prolonged sun exposure, swimming in chlorinated pools, and excessive perspiration.
Medications for iron deficiencies and/or anemia may escalate the fade rate, as well as glycolic scrubs and skin products with vitamins A and C.

Is microblading painful?
A topical numbing anesthetic is applied prior to the procedure and throughout (if necessary), to decrease any discomfort. Some individuals have compared microblading to the feeling of a cat scratch. Your comfort is a high priority throughout your treatment.

How long will the procedure take?
The average timeframe for a full microblading procedure is 2.5 to 3 hours including the consultation.

Can I wear makeup to the appointment?
We ask that you avoid wearing makeup on the treated area. However, if you are coming from work we can remove the makeup for you.

Am I a candidate for microblading?
Yes, if you desire fuller and naturally beautiful brows
If you have an active lifestyle and don’t want to spend time applying makeup
If you have poor eyesight and have trouble applying makeup
If you suffer from alopecia and/or hair loss from medical treatments

The following treatments are not recommended 30 days prior to microblading: botox and fillers, fruit or milk acids, chemical peels, laser treatments, use of retinol-A products, or prolonged exposure to the sun where skin is burnt or excessively tanned.

Who is NOT a candidate for microblading?
There are skin conditions and circumstances where microblading is not suitable. Therefore, we cannot perform microblading services:
If you have Eczema, Psoriasis, Keratosis Pilaris, Dermatitis or Acne near the eyebrows
If you are prone to keloid scar or scar easily (scar with a paper cut)
If you are have a bleeding disorder, are taking blood thinners or heart medication (including aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin e, fish oil)
If you are diabetic, epileptic, have serious health problems, autoimmune disease or thyroid disease
If you have a pacemaker, major heart problems or require an organ transplant
If you have a viral infection or sick with the cold/flu
If you have extremely oily skin or large pores
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
If you are sunburnt
If you are taking antibiotics
If you have used Accutane in the past year
If you have received Botox or similar injectables in the past 3 weeks
If you are under 18 years of age

Some medical conditions require special consideration and microblading can be performed with a release from your physician.